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5 Best Places To Visit In Sevilla

​Seville is a unique city where you can find nightlife, fun activities, places to eat but also a lot of interesting places to visit during your free days in town. Here you can find the most beautiful and famous ones to discover the beautiful Andalusian Capital!

1- Real Alcázar

This is probably the most representative monument of the city and is today one of the oldest European Royal Palaces still in use. Real Alcázar is situated in the center, right behind the Cathedral, and you can visit it for free every Monday from 6pm to 7pm.

2- The Cathedral and the Giralda

Located in the center of Seville, this gothic cathedral is the largest one in the whole world and its history is hundreds years old. Together with the church, also the Giralda can be visited. The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral and it’s situated right next to the main building: from the top you of the tower you can have the best view over Sevilla!

3- Torre del Oro

The Golden Tower is situaded right along the river, just next to the city center and it’s one of the oldest Muslim buildings in town. It was meant to be a military watchtower in the city walls, and this is why it’s possible to see every part of Seville from the top of it. From the Golden Tower you can for that enjoy an amazing view over both sides of the city.

4- Plaza de España and Parque de Maria Luisa

Plaza de España was only built during the last century but is nowadays one of the main attractions for tourists. The most important views are a huge semicircular lake, the twin towers and dozens of benches representing all the Spanish provinces in colorful ceramic tiles.Moreover, the square is surrounded by the amazing Parque de Maria Luisa, which is Seville’s primary public park and the main green area of the city. In this unique park you won’t just find trees, but also hidden beautiful buildings, fountains, statues and ceramics.

5- Metropol Parasol (Las Setas)

Better known as Las Setas (“the Mushrooms”), the Metropol Parasol is one of the newest place of interest in Sevilla. It’s claimed to be the largest structure made with wood in the world, and it stands in one of the main squares of the city, Plaza de la Encarnación.Las Setas are even located near the center, among a vibrant nightlife and really close to Alfalfa night they’re even more breathtaking with a lot of colorful lights!

The majority of monumental sites in Seville offers serious price discounts to students who are under 26 years old (you can check prices and opening hours on each dedicated site), so take your university card with you and go explore Andalusian history!