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5 things to remember before your leave

Hola todos! Some of yours Erasmus experience is soon over, so here are 5 things you should remind before your leave:


The packing is important to start good time before your leave, even if you think there is not much to do. From our own experiences we can tell that packing takes time and it can be hard to fit all your clothes you have bought in your bag.

2.Check your flights

Even if you think you know when your flight is leaving, check it! It´s not nice when you realise 3 hours before that your flight is leaving that is today you leave, and you have mixed up the dates and you should be on the airport. From our own experiences it’s always good to check time and date a week before your leave.

3.Take pictures

It’s always good to check that you have enough pictures of the nicest places in the city. After the Erasmus you usually need to write a blog or a report of your experience and it’s always nice to add some nice pictures.

4.Say goodbye

Say goodbye to all your new friends you have make on your time abroad. It’s nice to maybe organize a farewell dinner or party together. Remember that even if it feels sad to say goodbye to your friends, you can always keep easily contact and meet again.

5.Leaving your room

Clean your room and common areas. Take your food away from the fridge so that there is space for the new arrivals. Check that you have all your things and remember to return your keys.

We hope you have had an amazing experience abroad and that you have made great memories.