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6 Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain is a really fascinating country, with lots of facts which even could be considered odd and uncommon, while others could be interesting to know! Curious? Then continue reading :)

1. Spain produces the most olive oil in the world

Spain produces 43.8% of all of the world's Olive Oil. That’s quite a claim. The largest Olive Oil producing region is Andalucia, with Jaen at the epicentre of production.

2. Spanish is the second most spoken language

Approximately 470 million people in the world speak Spanish as their first or native language, the best reason to learn those complicated conjugations!

3. No fairies

At least, not for teeth. The much loved Tooth Fairy is a mere rodent in Spain. Lose a tooth and if you’re lucky, you might get a night time visit from a mouse by the name of Ratoncito Pérez, he’ll leave you a gift under the pillow.

4. Lots of land

Spain is the least densely populated country in Europe, with plenty of wild and wonderful open space!

5. Flowers and plants

There are 8,000 plant species in Spain, with 2,000 of them being indigenous.

6. Neutral

Spain remained neutral during World War I and abstained during World War II under Franco. Still technically involved of course, through the efforts of the many volunteers, who fought on both sides.