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The best 4 cooking apps

Here below we propose some of the best apps to cook. If you are not good at, don’t worry there are a lot of simple recipes!


This is the perfect platform to share your dishes and to save your favorites one. There are more than 7000 available recipes so there are proposals for every kind of level and taste: Mexican, vegetarian, without lactose, for celiac disease, etc.. The explanations are detailed and they are matched with videos and photos. Moreover you can share opinions and tips with the registered users.


This Japanese app has much more than 2 millions and half of recipes. You can keep in touch with the real author of the recipe, ask doubts, invite friends and your family; it is the best way to know new dishes.


This is a free app for iPhone and iPad; there are more than 3000 recipes with video and tips to cook easy dishes. The innovative thing is that the recipes are recommended by nutrition experts. Moreover through the option “menú planner” it offers to you every week a balanced menú. A perfect app to eat good and healthy, don’t miss it!


This is the best app for vegan people. There are a lot of recipes 100% vegetal, without lactose and eggs; you can learn useful tricks and advices and know the nutritional informations of every dish. You can plan your grocery list,your recipes, save your favorites one and listen to them so you can worry only to cook. Furthermore every week there will be a new dish.