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Best Ways to get rid of Bugs

Best Ways to get rid of Bugs

As the summer approaches, so do the cockroaches and no matter how much of an animal lover you are, there is nothing about those little devils that you can love when they are invading your personal space.


The best way to get rid of these little pests is to simply get yourself some Baking Soda or Boric Acid Powder and mix it with flour and sugar in equal quantities. The sugar and flour attract the cockroaches and the Baking Soda/Boric Acid Powder kills them once they’ve taken it back to their nest, which helps the process of getting rid of them. Once you’ve made the mixture, place it along your baseboards, under the sink, and in corners of your room/flat. It’ll take a couple of weeks to get rid of the cockroaches if their eggs have hatched, so you must continue to do this for a couple of weeks.

Another method is to use a solution of soap and water. You can store the solution in a spray bottle to make application easier, since you must make sure you hit the head and abdomen of the roaches. The roaches will attempt to run, but will die very quickly. Also, make sure there are no leaks in your flat, since roaches are attracted to moisture. Make sure to keep your flat cool, clean, and have all food containers tightly sealed. Taking trash out regularly and making sure dishes are also washed properly also helps. If your problem is ants or fruit flies there are other solutions. For ants, using black pepper or baby powder should get rid of them, and apple cider vinegar combined with dish detergent placed near your fruit should ward them off.