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The 10 essentials to bring to the beach!

Summer time rimes with beach trips for sure. To save some money why don’t you prepare your own lunch for your beach day? Keep in mind that the sand will be your first enemy and inevitably ends up everywhere! Here are some advices and ideas of what to pack for the beach :

15 Portuguese Phrases To Help You Get By

​Portugal is only a few hours away so it is without a doubt that some of you may be considering to go on a mini vacation to the stunning sandy beaches. If you are worried about not speaking a word of the beautiful language that is Portuguese, these phrases might just help you out for that weekend trip to Faro you´ve been planning.

Surviving Andalusia in Summer

So it's getting to that time of year where the majority of Spaniards leave Sevilla for the summer and its' intense heat. However, if you are someone who is not exactly used to this level of heat and you are reading this wishing you were in a refreshingly cool pool even if it's meant for toddlers, continue reading for our top 8 tips on how to survive a summer in one of the warmest areas in Europe.

Delicious breakfast recipes

Hello! All the food blogs before were focusing on quick recipes so we could make your busy life easier. However, these following recipes can take a little bit more time to prepare. But we can guarantee that the outcome in the end will be delicious. So basically, you can make these for a great grab-n-go breakfast or an afternoon snack, for your friends or just as a treat for yourself.

Student recipes on budget

Well, we all know students are all about saving money when it comes to food but eating on a budget doesn't always have to mean beans on toast, fast food or already prepared meals from the freezer. Dig in to one of these incredible dinners that are delicious but still cheap. You will love it!

5 Student Recipes That Should Be Illegal

Hello! Today we will not bring you healthy recipes so these few next days will be your cheat days. You have to try these 5 recipes that are so quick and easy and are worth to gain even few pounds. Today we will be starting with the dessert and then with even more delicious meals!