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Delicious breakfast recipes

Hello! All the food blogs before were focusing on quick recipes so we could make your busy life easier. However, these following recipes can take a little bit more time to prepare. But we can guarantee that the outcome in the end will be delicious. So basically, you can make these for a great grab-n-go breakfast or an afternoon snack, for your friends or just as a treat for yourself.

Student recipes on budget

Well, we all know students are all about saving money when it comes to food but eating on a budget doesn't always have to mean beans on toast, fast food or already prepared meals from the freezer. Dig in to one of these incredible dinners that are delicious but still cheap. You will love it!

5 Student Recipes That Should Be Illegal

Hello! Today we will not bring you healthy recipes so these few next days will be your cheat days. You have to try these 5 recipes that are so quick and easy and are worth to gain even few pounds. Today we will be starting with the dessert and then with even more delicious meals!

Another free apps for students

Hello again! We bring you the list of useful apps again so we can save your precious time. There is a lot of helpful apps for students and a lot of them is for free. However, every week we pick the best ones so your studies and life in general can get easier.

Healthy quick breakfast recipes

Hello healthy people! As promised, we are bringing you the best student recipes once again. As in the last week food blog, there are quick and easy breakfast recipes for you, to inspire you to eat healthier and still enjoy the morning meal. You will save a lot of time too and we know it’s essential when you hurry to morning classes every day.

Quick And Easy Ideas For Your Breakfast

Hello everybody! Once again, we found the best recipes for you. This week is about quick and easy breakfasts to inspire you to eat healthier and still enjoy the morning meal. You will save a lot of time too and we know it’s essential when you hurry to school.

5 free apps for students

This week we continue with the tips just for you. Free apps perfect for students, who want to try something new. Maybe you are already using these apps. If yes, I know that you will agree with me that they save a lot of time which you can later spend by going out with your friends.

5 free apps perfect for students

Today, in this blog, we will bring you 5 free apps for your phone. They can help you with your studies and make you spend your time effectively. If you don’t have your laptop if you need to work on school projects, no problem. You can just download these free apps and work anywhere.

Most popular Andalusian Tapas

Spain is of course known for its Tapas, small portions of food that are served hot as well as cold you can enjoy in basically every bar or bodega, accompanied by a cold beer or wine. Spanish people usually have tapas before lunch and dinner (which is as you probably already know pretty late). In this article I will list the most popular tapas in Andalucía.