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​Discover Beautiful Valencia

Valencia is one of the most beautiful places in whole Spain. With amazing architecture, clear beaches and many, many parks and jardins it will take your breath away. Don’t forget about the delicious food too. Now, during June you can fly there from Sevilla for only 23 euros, so take you friends and pack your bags!

Exploring Tenerife

To those of you who will be free from exams soon, perhaps not soon enough for some of you, why not consider visiting one of Spain's beautiful volcanic islands? In Tenerife there is a complete range of things to do no matter what you're interested in, whether it be long relaxing days at the beach with a cold Mojito in your hand in Playa de las Americas or trekking to the top of El Teide, the third highest volcanic in the world base-to-peak outside of Hawaii. With affordable flights leaving from Malaga, you can easily visit one of these wonderful islands without emptying your bank account.

Trip to Morocco

​If you've run out of ideas for your trips, the solution for the next long weekend might Africa! From the main cities of Andalusia you can in fact join organized excursions to the North of Morocco, which is only one hour by ferry away from Spain, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. If you have already been in some organized excursion with an agency for erasmus students, they can probably also offer you a trip to this destination. The departure is usually from the main cities of Andalusia, like Seville, Malaga and Cadiz, but there are organized trips also from others.

Trip to Southern Portugal

​May is the perfect month to do some trips to the beach, so here you’ll find the best destinations you can easily reach from Andalusia for a few days trip in the beautiful Southern part of Portugal!

Trip to Lisbon

​One of the trips you can do from Andalusia is going to visit Portugal, where besides beautiful beaches you can pick some interesting city and Lisbon is just few hours driving far from the Andalusian capital. Lisbon is the largest and Capital city of Portugal, appealing visitors with its amazing viewpoints in front of the ocean, art and nightlife. It’s become really popular in the last two years so that it’s developing faster and faster and you can find everything you need such as different types of accomodation, food, art, public transportation and activities.

5 Best Places To Visit In Sevilla

​Seville is a unique city where you can find nightlife, fun activities, places to eat but also a lot of interesting places to visit during your free days in town. Here you can find the most beautiful and famous ones to discover the beautiful Andalusian Capital!

Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world and has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture, so a tour of the city's parks, museums and churches is a must. So as a true Erasmus student in Andalucía you shouldn’t hesitate and visit this amazing city. Prepare yourself for a few days of lot of walking. After seeing infinity of beautiful sights and tourists, you can later relax in on of the many many restaurants or bars with a cool cerveza or glass of cava, accompanied by some tapas, all the while enjoying a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean. Today we picked the most amazing places to go to lure you into traveling to this special destination.

Trip to Madrid

If you are in Spain for the Erasmus program you should probably not miss on an opportunity to visit the capital city of Spain. Madrid is a beautiful large city with many and many touristic attractions, restaurants, parks, shops, museums or galleries. Everyone can find something that he or she will love about this city. Today we will bring you maybe a little bit touristy attractions but still the most beautiful places in Madrid.

One Day Trip to Gibraltar

This weekend we decided to travel more and created a plan where Gibraltar could not be missing. Because of the hot weather and free time, we were discovering the beaches in the South Andalucia, Cadiz and most importantly Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a unique place for the curious travelers. Take time to explore the caves and tunnels especially those not meant for tourists! The inside of the rock is an absolute labyrinth with secret roads and tunnels four times longer than those on the surface.