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Christmas Gifts ideas

Hi everyone! Christmas is almost there….. only 4 more nights until Christmas morning! Do you already have your gifts? Today we will give you some advices for gifts.

  • Julia's Recommendations:
  • 1.A nice recommendation for presents is ceramics of Triana. I bought mugs from Triana Ceramica for my family. This is something typical from Sevilla, the mugs are beautifully decorated with happy colors and so on. Anyway, any kind of ceramics will look good in your mother’s kitchen ;)
  • 2.HAPPY SOCKS. With happy socks I make brother every year very happy.
  • 3.Honestly, I am not so good at making presents, but practical gifts are always good to give to your parents. A nice package of shampoos and perfumes, or something for the kitchen, or maybe even some nice jamon iberico from Sevilla.
  • Ausra's Recommendations:
  • 4.For a practical person the best present would be something that he/she is really in need of, but never buys it because he/she just doesn’t want to spend money on it! My roommate is that kind of person, so I decided to get her a package of different vitamins and professional hair masks! It’s really necessary to take care of yourself and your health although sometimes people forget to do it. Friends and family are always there for you to remember how much they care about you! So, try to gift something useful for a daily life!
  • 5.If you are looking for a gift for your really close friend, I think personally that the cutest gift is related to your memories and inside jokes! All friends have their own secrets and little things, it could even be your favorite food, cookies, t-shirt or a cup with your favorite expression, etc. And for the very end, wrap everything and put your photo on top of the gift! Christmas time is all about showing the people around you how much they mean to you and say thanks for staying by your side.
  • 6. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts if you are creative enough, make something by yourself! As there are a lot of self-made gifts ideas on the internet, it’s also possible to find free Christmas workshops where volunteers can teach how to decorate and how to make handcrafts! At least a Christmas card made by yourself would be a better gift than any other small thing, especially to those who are not around you :)) As I am staying for Christmas in Sevilla, I made my own postcards and wrote letters to my closest friends and family in Lithuania, I think they will enjoy reading it!