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Corpus Christi in Sevilla

Corpus Christi in Seville is one of the most important days of the year. The procession is celebrated during Thursday morning following Trinity Sunday, 60 days after Palm Sunday. The religious festival is especially important in Seville, being of the few Spanish cities that maintains its celebration original day.

In addition to Thursday, Corpus Christi has events this weekend in Seville, on Saturday and Sunday. The celebration is dedicated to the body and blood of Jesus since the Middle Ages. It was in Liege (Belgium), where the feast of Corpus Christi was established in 1246.

There is evidence of Corpus Christi in Seville from the early fifteenth century, but it was in 1532 when the processional route that still remains was established. For centuries the procession was accompanied by dances, giants, bigheaded and tarascas (monsters) to represent the opposite of good. 

The city is decked out to celebrate the Corpus. Highlighting the archways at San Francisco square, but all of the Seville downtown is decorated to mark the Corpus Day. Throughout the week and especially Wednesday afternoon and night, Sevillian people dress balconies and windows and install Altars in every corner. Such is the tradition and commitment to this practice that a jury awards prizes to the best mounts.

The Cathedral is open to the public on Wednesday afternoon to visit the Pasos. The figures are already waiting for the departure the next morning. From Wednesday night and especially on Thursday, Sevillian people fill the streets of rosemary and aromatic flowers for the Corpus Christi in Seville. Joined to the incense of the procession permeates the city with a very characteristic odor.


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The morning is lovely and Seville shines with the sound of the Giralda bells. At 8:00 starts Corpus Mass in the Cathedral and the procession begins at 8:30am. There are some must-watch events like the dance of Los Seises (the Sixes), a group of 10 children, with a long tradition, or the songs performed by the Escolanía Catdralicio (The Cathedral Children's Choir).

The choir will sing again during the procession in which members of all ambits of Seville participate. The Municipal and Civil Authorities, the clergy, the brotherhoods, the Police Force, Military Orders, the Real Cavalry, the Ateneo and other official colleagues and associations also become part of this grand ceremony.

The Corpus Christi procession through the streets in Seville lasts four hours and comes back to the Cathedral around 12:30pm. Sevillian people and visitors eagerly await the pass in the streets of downtown. There is special attention to areas like the Salvador square. After the procession of Corpus Christi in Seville, many of the Pasos return to their temples on Thursday evening. Of course, along with any celebration comes parties which take place in the bars downtown in SantaCruz, Arena and Mateos Gago Street.

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