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How the fall in Andalucía looks like

On the one hand sad, but on the other side really beautiful – end of the summer, start of the autumn. As in every other European country, there is also autumn in Spain, however, especially the Andalusian fall might be a little bit different than you might have known it…

1. Temperature

If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys 35 degrees and more, than the fall in Andalusia may be the best season for you. For example, the average maximum temperature in October is 26 degrees and the minimum is around 12 degrees and in December it varies between 16 and 5 degrees. So, unlike as in the rest of Spain the real Winter starts in January.

2. Winter menu

As food is a very present and important part of our daily life, it’s also necessary to mention! :) One thing, which makes us personally a little bit sad, is that you can’t order Gazpacho anymore. Besides that, there are other changes of the menu, you can’t find ‘’summer dishes’’ anymore, but they are getting replaced by some nice ‘’winter dishes’’ like champiñones rellenos (stuffed mushrooms). And also, a great thing, you can buy chestnuts on the street. Makes the fall even more better!

3. Opening hours & prices

Another thing which changed with the changing season are the opening hours and also some prices. While in summer and in the touristy season the prices were higher in some restaurants and shops, you can see now how the prices are going down a little bit, adapting to the local people. And regarding to the temperature change, a lot of shops don’t make Siesta anymore and are open the whole day. However, on the other hand a lot of parks and sightseeing attractions changed their opening hours and close much earlier.

4. Tourism

Maybe you have already noticed it, but nowadays you can find less foreign but more local people on the street. While in other regions of Spain the tourism goes down to the really minimum or to zero, in Andalusia there are still some tourists. This is of course because of the weather, which is perfect for older people and families, but also because a lot of the Andalusian cities offers more than just the sea and therefore they explore the cities.

5. Changing of colors

The most beautiful change is definitely the adjustment of colors! Soon you will see how the orange and lemon season starts and transforms the cities into the most wonderful and colorful as you can probably ever see it. It’s really amazing, especially in the parks, you can enjoy the whole color range. It’s stunning!