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How To Travel Around Spain On A Budget

Spain has so much to offer to travelers! Beaches, mountains, national parks, beautiful cities…but sometimes finding the cheapest way to get to an amazing place and locating affordable housing can be quite a hassle, especially being a student. So here are some tips to travel as cheaply as possible !

Be clever when booking your flightsFly on budget airlines! Yes, you will be squeezed in between 2 people for 1.5 hours, but the safety is the same as regular airlines and you can pay up to half the price of what these regular companies offer. The website Skyscanner ( enables you to compare various offers from low-cost companies.

TIP: when you go looking for flights, do it in a private window on your laptop! This will prevent the company from knowing you checked their website and thus from raising their prices the second time you go check ;) And don’t wait until the last moment to book it.

Use the ESN discount on Ryanair offers a discount on Ryanair for members with the ESN card. You can get 15% off the ticket price AND a free luggage (max 15kg) for a total of 8 single trips or 4 return trips!

Blablacarwww.blablacar.esThis French company has taken carpooling/carsharing to a whole new level. On their website, you just have to put where you’re leaving from, where you want to go and when, and they shortlist various drivers that are doing the same trip as you on the same date. For example, a trip from Seville to Madrid can be as cheap a 24€! Plus, you get to meet new people and you’re entertained the whole ride :)

Prefer the bus to the trainBus rides are usually much cheaper than trains to travel around Spain. On ALSA’s website (, if you book in advance, you can get very cheap tickets. A bus ride to Granada can be 15€ return! You can also check this website: that usually offers cheap bus rides.
If you still want to travel by train because it’s quicker, go check on, their offers are usually cheaper than the ones on Renfe, the national train company.

Youth Hostels, Couchsurfing, AirbnbYou’ve finally arrived at your destination and now you need to find a place to sleep at.
If you don’t want to spend any money, there are 2 options. The first one is to do couch-surfing ( the whole idea is that fellow travelers agree to let you stay at their place for free. The other one is called WWOOF ( World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms allows you to stay at an organic farm for free in exchange of your volunteer time to help the farmers.
If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, go check:, they offer various cheap hostels around Spain. Some of them might even let you stay for free in exchange of 2-3 hours of work per day. Last but not least, a bit more expensive option is Airbnb, but if you split the costs, it can be a very nice option!