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Trip to Lisbon

​One of the trips you can do from Andalusia is going to visit Portugal, where besides beautiful beaches you can pick some interesting city and Lisbon is just few hours driving far from the Andalusian capital. Lisbon is the largest and Capital city of Portugal, appealing visitors with its amazing viewpoints in front of the ocean, art and nightlife. It’s become really popular in the last two years so that it’s developing faster and faster and you can find everything you need such as different types of accomodation, food, art, public transportation and activities.

If you only have few days in this amazing city, here are some things and places you definitely don’t wanna miss!

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is one of the most famous quarters of Lisbon, and besides being the core of local young people nightlife is the fashionable and trendy area of the city. This neighborhood is built over a hill, so that none of its streets are flat…if you want to explore this bairro, i would highly suggest not to wear high heels here :)

Castelo de S.Jorge

At one of the highest points of the city of Lisbon you can enter the S.Jorge Castle from where you can enjoy one of the overlooks of the whole historical city center. The castle can also be entered and the ticket for students is just 5 euros. Inside of the Castle there’s a unique attraction called “dark room” where you can enjoy a live view of the whole city through a telescope with a guided explanation.

Pateis de Belem

The famous bakery cafe Pastéis de Belém is always really crowded, and in the weekends or during festivities it’s not weird to find a long queue waiting just to enter it. Here you can eat the famous dessert Pasteis de Nata (aka Pasteis de Belem) which is the traditional cake of Lisbon and that is said to be born in this bakery store.Belem neighborhood is most known for its Pasteis but it’s also site for the beautiful Belem Tower, the fascinating Jeronimos Monastery and the Vasco da Gama monument.


If you have time for a day or half day trip from the Capital city, the picturesque town of Sintra can be reached in just 30 minutes by train from the center of Lisbon for 2,20 euros only. This old village used to host the nobility and elite of Portugal and offers nowadays breathtaking views and palaces part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage. Sintra is completely risen in an ancient gothic style and besides the historical center you can visit the Palacio Nacional, the more popular Palacio de Pena, the castle, few parks with forest and amazing caves. The little town is an important cultural landmark for Portuguese identity nowadays, and even if its historical center is just two centuries old, the castle and other constructions are dated around the 8th century or even older. Sintra it’s one of the most popular trips to do in Portugal and even if he number of tourists is constantly rising it definitely worth a visit!

Tagus River

Lisbon it’s in front of the Ocean but it’s also built next to the Tagus River, which is the longest one in Iberian peninsula, originating in Spain to get right into the Atlantic. From the high points of the city it’s possible to overlook at the river and its big bridge called 25th of April. You can also cross the Tagus river by boat or by train to explore the opposite side of Lisbon, where you can find little towns, nature and nice quite beaches.


Built over seven hills, this capital city offers its visitors more than one viewpoint all over its neighborhood and the ones that most worth a visit are Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Pantheon Nacional, and Miradouro de Porta do Sol.


Portugal is well-known for its wine, and not just for the one produced in Porto itself. The South of the Country produces a lot of wine as well and one of the most famous from this region is probably Vinho Verde which literally means "green wine" even if its colour its usually white. Sangria is also really popular and it’s similar to the Spanish one, with just some different fruits or type of wine.In the city there are obviously a lot of wineries where you can sit to taste the local drinks while listening to some good music or chilling with friends; moreover, you could attend some wine tasting tours around the city.


No, this is not something to eat..”El Fado” is the typical music from Lisbon, and it can express all the romantic but still melancholic feelings that this particular city can rise up in travelers. In Lisbon you can easily find a lot of restaurants and bar dedicated to this traditional sound, and it’s something different that you cannot miss!

Are you already planning a trip to this beautiful city? :)