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Wine tastings in Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada

Dear customers, Here we are again with a new blog! Are you like us, big wine lovers? Well, then you are in the right place to come to Andalucía. In this blog we will give some tips and information about wine tours and stuff in the different cities.

  • Sevilla:
    Hey Sevillian students! For wine tasting in Sevilla, you don’t even have to go so far!!!! These are some of our favorites!

  • 1.Spanish wine tasting – Meeting point is in the Alfonso III hotel, take place in this beautiful building and learn and taste 6 beautiful different Spanish wines. These wines are the most exciting wines, you won’t find them in bars or anywhere else. So go try it!!! (
  • 2.Lama La Uva – A cozy location, right begin the iconical setas, it is an amazing place to enjoy some wines and tapas. The owner of this beautiful shop, makes the experience unforgettable, she has so much knowledge and passion for the wines it’s just perfect.
  • Check out this website for more:

  • Cordoba:
    Hey Cordoba people!!! You’re in the right place, if you like wine. You can find many nice wine tours in and around Cordoba. Here there are some tips, that we really liked: 
  • 1.Morning Market Tour Arabic Heritage & Tapas – Here you can explore the jewish quarter of Córdoba. A very impressive part of the city with a lot of history. Discover it, while enjoying wine and some tapas. Also, learn about
  • 2.Córdoba organic vineyard tour – The best way to taste and to discover how this lovely typical organic wine is made. 
  • Granada:
  • Hey people from Granada! JAlso in Granada you’re in the right place to enjoy some wine together with some tapas. Here are our favorites:

  • 1.Taste of Granada food tour – during this 3,5 hour tour food lovers have the opportunity to taste and discover the traditional products, dishes, and hidden treasures.
  • 2.Visit to a winery – Go check: For only €18 you can go here to taste wine, learn about different wines, learn and see how the wine is made in the original way and have a walk around the beautiful vineyards.