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Welcome to our city guide that will make you feel like local in Granada. As you

already know RoomGranada offers rooms and apartments to international students.

To make your stay unforgettable and to make the first days much easier this guide

will introduce you to the basic things you need to know about the city.

Things to see


The most spectacular thing that you can see

in Granada is undoubtedly La Alhambra,

which is also one of the UNESCO’s World

Heritage Sites. The complex contains many

attractions, like the Alcazaba (fortress),

Palacios Nazaries (palace), the Generalife

(garden), the Medina (government city), and

others. It is highly advised to buy entrance

tickets few weeks in advance. You can buy

morning or evening ticket that costs 14,30 €

(combo), or 7 € (the Alcazaba and

Generalife), or 8 € (the Palacios Nazaries).

The tickets can be booked online

(, by phone +34 902 888

001, at the main entrance, or at the Tienda

de la Alhambra on the Reyes Catolicos


The Cathedral of Granada

The cathedral of Granada is an impressive

building in the heart of Granada and should

not be missed. It is one of the most

important premises of the renaissance in

Spain. The adorned façade of the big chapel

called “Capilla Mayor” as well as the smaller

chapels on the sides are parts of the

imposing construction. Right next to the

cathedral you can find a small bazar which

is similar to a Moroccan souk.


One of the most beautiful and oldest districts

of Granada is the Albayzin. It is situated on

the opposite of the Alhambra above the city.

Not only because of the famous view to the

Alhambra (Plaza San Nicolas) but also

because of the various narrow and

picturesque alleys between white-washed

houses it is among the places of interest of


Places outside Granada


Córdoba was once the premier city of the

Western World, the greatest metropolis

west of Constantinople, and the seat of

Europe’s first university. Today, there’s a

modern commercial center, but most

travelers love strolling the town’s ancient

cobblestone streets, peeking through

gates for glimpses of lush lowers and

beautiful tiled fountains. Cordoba is

about 2 hours away from Granada. You

can see Great Cathedral and mosque,

Tablao Flamenco Cardenal, Jewish

Quarter, Archaeological Ensemble of

Madinat Al-Zahra and many other things.

You are not going to regret it, by visiting

these two spectacular, full of history



The world is filled with fascinating places

to visit, and there will be a time when you

have to choose which destination is right

for you. We’re not afraid to let you know,

though, that if you’re looking for a

vacation experience that encompasses

adventure, culture, history and

wilderness, you should look no further

than Morocco, a diverse country filled


with majestic palaces, interesting

museums, mouth-watering cuisine and

large expanses of stunning natural

landscapes. It is also a short way to go

there, few hours to the Ceuta harbor and

45 minute ship ride. It is not expensive,

you can find cheap hotels and the food is

also not expensive at all.


Portugal is a breathtaking beauty!

Beautiful cities, amazing beaches, what

more can you ask for! It is inexpensive;

you can travel around in very reasonable

prices. You can find very cheap but nice

hotels, eat out for inexpensive prices.

Travel tip: Buying a one day or multiple

day city pass really helps you to get

around and see the places of interest. If

you are even remotely interested in

photography, Portugal will never

disappoint you.

You would see colorful clothes drying off

in the sun, and winding streets with old

houses lining the cityscape. You will love

the orange-tiled rooftop houses, and the

bright contrast it makes with the

blueness of the oceans. You would love

the bridges of Porto, the trams of Lisboa,

the palaces of Sintra.

Sierra Nevada

The ski resort of the Sierra Nevada in

Granada, Spain, the southernmost in

Europe, is located in the Penibetic

System, in southern Spain, in the

municipality of Monachil, just 32

kilometres from Granada by road and

with good communications. Usually, the

ski season is open from November to

the end of April. Bus from Granada to

Sierra Nevada (Ski season):

  • From Monday to Friday: 8:00 h, 10:00
  • h and 17:00 h

  • Saturday, Sunday and Public
  • Holidays: 8:00 h, 10:00 h, 15:00 h and

    17:00 h

    Buses from Sierra Nevada to Granada

    (Ski season):

    Sierra Nevada buses departure from the

    parking at Pradollano.

  • From Monday to Friday: 9:00h,
  • 16:00h, 18:30 h

  • Saturday, Sunday and Public
  • Holidays: 9:00h, 13:00h, 16:00h,

    18:30 h.

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