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Booking / Arrival/Departure

Q1: How does the booking work?

A1: You look at our website and search for a room that you like. If you can't find a room that you like or you don't know what would be best for you, please contact us directly on We will then help you to find a room that you like and suggest the best and most suitable area for you to live. You can send a rent request through the website or by email. Once the room had been chosen then we pass to the booking process. You have to fill in the reservation form (You can find it in the part: Find your room, Reservation Form. You fill in this form in and once it's filled in you press the button: Register as a Customer. Then you need to attach the confirmation of the deposit Payment. The deposit is for us to make sure that the booking is serious and also it is already the safety deposit for during your stay. The deposit will be returned to you after you finish your stay with us and your contract will be expired since 45 working days from the final day of the contract. Once we have received both the form and the deposit the booking is complete. You will receive the Booking Confirmation email with your Rental Agreement to sign, with the Guide and all the necessary information. 

Q2: What is the Check-in procedure?

A2: You will receive details from RoomGranada in Booking confirmation email as latest 1 week after your booking has been done with all relevant information. The entire check-in procedure only takes a few minutes. When you arrive in Granada on the check-in day, you will come to the office where you will get your key and then you can go directly there. You can of course also ask any remaining questions you might have. There is also an option of Key delivery service and pick up service, in case you arrive out of our office hours. To arrange a key delivery or pick up service to the flat contact Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 10.00-18.00 and Friday from 10:00-15:00. During the summer and holidays in Granada, the office hours can be modified. In case of any changes in the office hours, you can always contact us by email or find information on RoomGranada Facebook:

In case of any problems or delay with your arrival our phone number is (+34) 629 067 301. We will then inform your flatmates and tell them that you are coming so that they can open the door for you. You can stop by the office the next day to complete the check-in procedure.

Q3: What happens if I can't make the check-in during office hours?

A3: Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 10.00-18.00 and Friday from 10:00-15:00. In case you can’t make it during these hours, don't worry. You can contact us by phone or email to tell us that you are running late. Our phone number is (+34) 629 067 301 and email: . We will then inform your flatmates and tell them that you are coming so they can open the door for you. You can stop by the office the next day to complete the check-in procedure. Always you can arrange a key delivery service. For that ask about key delivery by email.

Q4: Who do I contact when I have more questions?

A4: You can always call the office, the number is (+34) 958940645 or you can contact us by email: If you are already in Granada you can of course always stop by the office on Calle Flailes, 7 to ask your question directly. It´s always a pleasure to meet you in the office :)

Q5: How the Departure process look like?

On the day of the Departure, we will proceed the last cleaning and maintenance check to make sure the room is in the same conditions as on the day of your arrival. You need to leave the room and give back the ket before 12: 00 o clock in the morning. In case you agreed departure day on the different time, we can proceed the cleaning check the same day or next day, down our stuff availability. In case you decide to quit your contract earlier, and you have found somebody who will take your room or room granada booked your room, you are the person in charge of the whole check-in process of the next tenant.  

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