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Legal Terms

Legal Terms and Conditions

At the time of booking, the student must pay the deposit , through online payment ( Paypal ) , after filling the Reservation Form from our website or directly into the account designated by RoomGranada .

You need to attache to the Reservation Form Copy of passport or identity card as indicated .
If you are already in Granada while booking the room you can fill in The Reservation Form online or in the office RoomGranada on Calle Frailes , 7.

The tenant will use the room exclusively as their personal property, so you can not re-rent your room to other people.

The tenant agrees to pay the rent stated in the contract . This amount is also paid if the tenant is absent from home , on holiday or any other reasons of absence.

Payments will be made at the office of RoomGranada in the first five days of each month. RoomGranada must provide a signed receipt for each payment , which specify the amount received and the person who is receiving the payment. Always make sure you take your Payment recipe with you.

RoomSevilla return the deposit to the student up to 45 working days after the final date of the contract after the last maintenance and cleaning flat check and after receiving the last utility bills.
The booking deposit is not refundable if you cancel your booking.
If the student unreasonably delays payment , RoomGranada can charge the amount of € 35 for every day of late payment.

If there are any serius damages caused by the tenant in the flat RoomGranada has a right to be deduct all the reparation costs from the deposit. All the tenants living in the flat are responsible for room of each and common areas. While cleaning and maintenance check all of the tenants living in the flat are responsible for good state of living , bathroom , kitchen patio and all common areas.

The utility bills are paid always together with the rent between 1st and 5th of each month .
In case you are receiving any visits always inform us by mail about the visitants and the exact days when they will stay in the flat . You have to inform both : RoomGranada and your flatmates in case of any visitants and if both agree you can receive the visitant.

Smoking is forbidden in the flat.

Tenants have to respect all the Rules of living in the flat mentioned in the contract and respect neighbours community common rules : noise , parties are forbidden.
The owner of the apartment is not responsible for theft or damage of items left in the flat by tenants.
Tenants have to respect the decoration of the house and , unless authorized by the owner, cannot change furniture in the house. It is not allowed to nail or glue objects on the walls (nails, spikes , studs , adhesives ... ) .
Pets are not allowed.
In case the tenant do not actuate according to the contract RoomGranada has a right to cancel Rental Agreement and the tenant need to abandon the flat with no deposit refund, and no month payment refund.

If the tenant do not sent all the details for the deposit return within the 2 months of the final date of the contract , it will be considered as refusing the deposit return.

RoomGranada can access to the apartment at least once a month to process cleaning and maintenance check. If the apartment was not clean during the cleaning check the cleaning lady will be paid by tenants ( 10€ per hour ).
Every tenant has 48 hours after arrival to inform us about all of the damages of the apartment and room ( if there are any ) , the cleaning stay and all the things which are not working properly , sending the e-mails with the things which need to be fixed by our maintenance service together with the pictures of those.
All the damages detected after sending the list are considered as tenant responsibility. All the maintenance reparations need to be signed filling in and signing the Maintenance Part ( person who receive maintenance and the maintenance ) , if the damages is caused by the tennant , the reparation amount will be deduct from the deposit. RoomGranada need to be informed about any damages during whole stay.

Changing bulbs is every tenant obligation.

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