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15 Portuguese Phrases To Help You Get By

​Portugal is only a few hours away so it is without a doubt that some of you may be considering to go on a mini vacation to the stunning sandy beaches. If you are worried about not speaking a word of the beautiful language that is Portuguese, these phrases might just help you out for that weekend trip to Faro you´ve been planning.

  • Hey!
  • Oí!


Do you speak English?

Fala ingles?

Falah ienggleesj?

I´m sorry



My name is..

Eu me chamo..

Eooh mee shamo





Por favor

Pour favour

I don´t understand

Não compreendo

Naung komprieèndoe

How much is it?

Cuanto custa?

Kuantu kushta

A hug/A kiss! - Used to say Goodbye

Um abraçco! Um beijo!

Oom abrasjo! Oom beisho!

You have beautiful eyes.

Você tem olhos lindos

Vosé tem olios lindos.

I like you.

Eu gosto de você

Eooh goshto de vosé

Would you like to Dance?

Você quer dançar?

Vosé ker dansar?




Where is the nearest hospital?

Onde é o hospital mais próximo?

Ond´ é oe osjpietal maaisj pròsiemoe?

I am lost.

Estou perdido

Eshtou perdido

Weird and Wonderful Phrases

Vai chatear o Camões - Go bother Camoes. For when someone is annoying you, this is one way to politely tell them to go away.

A batata ta assando - Literally means the potato is baking however this can come in handy when you´re on a night out and you see a disaster in the future..

A ultima bolacha do pacote - Translates to ´The last cookie in the box´ but it can be used to tell someone how special they are.

Descer a dolorida - Bring down the painful one. As you can maybe guess, bring me the dreaded bill.

Estou com a corda - I´m with all the rope today. For those days where you have all the energy and excitement in the world and you´re feeling pumped and ready to do anything today.

Idea de Jerico - Jerico´s idea. Simply means, that´s a terrible terrible idea, like maybe taking ´one more´ shot of Tequila.

Viajar na maionese - To travel in the mayonnaise? yes, this is for those moments where your friend is talking about how they once ran a marathon in 2 hours and they are in fact the least active friend you have, in other words, talking nonsense.