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7 ways how to stop procrastination

There is no doubt that many of us are familiar with a phenomenon called procrastination. Whether you are a student preparing for your exams, doing project, writing tesis or you need to finish your tasks at work, procrastination sometimes could be a big obstacle, and at that moment you find everything more interesting, from rearranging your room, watching senseless videos to staring at the wall (yes, this is the most interesting :D). Here we are bringing you some tips how you can fight it

1. Divide your work into pieces

Sometimes we can feel a little bit overwhelmed with a task that is awaiting us, so the best we can do, is to break this task into little pieces, and do it step by step. When you finish each piece of work it will motivate you even more.

2. Create a timeline with deadlines

For each piece of task set a certain amount of time in which you should finish it. It will help you keep you on the track.

3. Get rid of the distractions

Nowadays with a ton of social media, TV series and technology in general it is really easy to get distracted and spent half of the day doing literally "nothing". When you do your work on your computer, it is always tempting to surf on Facebook, YouTube and many others, which consume your time really quickly, and you don´t know how and suddenly the sun is down. Log out from all of the platforms, turn off your notifications and also mobile data in case you want to continue on your smartphone ;)

4. Change your environment

Our productivity often depends on environment which we work in. While at home, you can easily get a little bit sleepy and just want to snuggle in your bed. If you are seeking silence, you can work on your projects in the library. Some people prefer just to go to their favorite cafeteria, and get the work done with a cup of coffee.

5. Find a "partner in crime"

Whether it is your classmate, your colleague, or just friend with his own tasks to do, it is always better to have someone with whom you can support and motivate each other. You can meet up and start your work.

6. Stay in touch with people who inspire you or has already achieved the goal

This can give you a quite big motivation, to see that there are people who are achieving the goal, and that it is not impossible to achieve it in a little time.

7. Just do it

It is simple just like that. The more time you will spend procrastinating, the more stressed you will be. In addition, you have to do it either way, so the sooner you will start, the sooner you will finish it, and the sooner you will have a free time for yourself, or maybe for start working on your next task.