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How to spend this weekend cozily

If you decided to stay at home at this long weekend and are in a cozy mood and don’t want to leave your bed, we have the perfect amusement for you! Here are 3 more Spanish series (in case you already watched all of our last recommendations ;))


If you like a good mix of crime series and highschool movies, then Élite is a good choice for you. However, it’s not a typical highschool movies, as it starts with a murder. The story follows three working-class teens who enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain and how this change the life of a whole class and leads at the end to a murder of some of them. But, we don’t want to spoiler you so check it out!

Genre: Teen Drama


Velvet is a Spanish drama series. The series is about a love story between a humble seamstress and a young man who is about to inherit a majestic fashion empire ruled by his father. The two lovers are about the break the rules and follow their hearts… The perfect series to watch in your free time and to also to learn some Spanish!

Genre: Drama

Jane the virgin

Jain the virgin is an American drama comedy. Even though it’s American, they speak a lot of Spanish in the series, that’s why we are describing it now. The series are about Jane and her love life, until she gets pregnant because of a very weird reason. Watch the series and you will know what’s going to happen to Jane…

Genre: Comedy, Telenovela

But what ever you watch, have a nice weekend!