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How To Support The summer Heat Of Andalucía

With temperatures already reaching 37 degrees, Andalucía can seem like an oven sometimes…Although it’s nice to have hot and sunny days, the heat has some effects on your body. To avoid any disagreement due to a heat stroke, here are some tips to help you keep fresh and maintain your body temperature at a normal level

Drink A LOT of water (preferably not iced)Usually, the recommendation for an average adult is to drink 1.5L minimum per day. When it’s really hot outside, your body sweats in an attempt to maintain your body temperature at a normal level. This means that we need to drink even more to compensate that loss. Doctors say that in case of high temperatures, an adult should drink up to 3 or 4L of water per day. And don’t wait until you feel thirsty!

TIP: avoid drinking iced water, it’s going to have the opposite effect on your body and make you feel even hotter.

Avoid the hottest hours of the dayStay inside between 11am and 9pm if temperatures get unbearable for you. And try to spend at least 2 hours of your day in an environment with AC or with shade and air.

Avoid drinking coffee and alcoholAlcohol accentuates the dehydration of the body, which you want to avoid in case of very high temperatures. Same with a soda or a cup of coffee because of the sugar they all contain.

What to eatIt’s normal to not feel really hungry during hot days: the less your body has to digest, the less it warms up! But still, you should not skip a meal because you need to compensate the loss of mineral salts due to the sweat. Just reduce the quantities and avoid fatty meat, diuretic food (mango, fennel, artichokes or asparagus) and carbohydrates (pastries, candies, sugar, pasta). Prefer food such as vegetables and fruits full of water (cucumber, watermelon, tomato, lettuce, zucchini, spinach, strawberry, peach, melon, apple…).

Keep your room coldKeep your blinds and windows shut during the day and open them at night when temperatures cool down. You can also try putting your bed sheets in the freezer for a few minutes.

Choose wisely your clothes and shower oftenWear lightweight, light-colored clothes to help cool down your body temperatures and stay cool by taking showers throughout the day or using water misters