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Madrid: the capital of new experiences

If you are adventurous soul like me, then you will probably want to travel around Spain. What would be better place to visit than Madrid? The shopping street in Gran Via, Palaco Real, Palacio de Cibeles and Retiro Park are just few of the places to mention that you should definitely visit while in Madrid.

How to get there

The easiest way to travel to Madrid from Granada is the bus. Granada is well connected to other cities by bus and round trip to Madrid costs around 34e. The most popular option is to travel there around 1.30 a.m so be prepared that buses are full that time and buy your tickets early.

Palacio de Comunicaciones


Madrid`s nightlife is amazing and offers something for everyone. If you like lavish and big parties you should definitely head out to Discoteca Kapital. It is a huge and glamorous club with the total of 7 floors, so you will definitely not be bored while there. If you want to go to disco, but Kapital is not your cup of tea then, Boom Room is good option for you.

On the other hand, if you are not a big fan of clubs, you can find lots of pubs around the center.

Where to eat

On my visit to Madrid, I stumbled upon this restaurant called Aio when walking through the side streets of Gran Via. The food was tremendous, fresh and well flavored and the design was really pleasant and cozy. Restaurant specializes on Italian food and the prizes are also budget friendly. The place is good for having a nice meal or just to have a few drinks with friends.

So if you enjoy big city life, great parties, new gastronomic experiences and great architecture Madrid is the place for you!