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Seville as a travel hub

Seville can provide a gateway to Europe

When one thinks of major transport focal points of the world, places like New York City, London, and Los Angeles come to mind. However, within Europe, Seville can provide affordable options for nonstop travel to various destinations including Berlin, London, Paris and Rome. If you’re living in Seville over the summer or academic year, the following is a rough guide to travel out of the city, documenting my weekend trip to London.

First, I needed to get to the airport. I chose to order a taxi online to get there. Taxis cost €15 to €22 depending on the time of day, and the journey takes around 30 minutes. Another option is to go by bus. The bus, while less expensive, takes longer. The trip from the centre of the city to the airport is an estimated 52-minute journey. There are various factors which can influence the time it would take to reach the airport. I happened to have an easy journey with little traffic and no other complications. Despite this, I would still recommend leaving with plenty of time, as lines for check in can be quite lengthy. The line at the EasyJet check in stretched from the counter, all the way back to around where the doors were. Fortunately, that did not matter as I had checked in online (which I completely recommend doing beforehand). I also did not have any bags I needed to check in, so I simply skipped the line and went right to security.

Of course, security lines at airports vary based on the amount of passenger traffic and scheduling. However, Seville is not a large airport, and therefore, it is safe to assume that the lines will never be astronomically massive. I got through security in around 10 minutes, and had 2 hours of waiting to do before my flight. The inside of the airport is very clean and well organised. The central waiting area is marked by an old-school style notice board of flights and gate information, with a café in addition (though there is a Starbucks-esque café in one of the hallways which sees more traffic). There are plenty of shops as well, as with any airport. To summarize, Seville’s airport flies to many destinations nonstop, and it throws off all of the hustle and confusion of larger airports. If you’re staying in Seville, and enjoy travel as I do, I completely recommend travelling through Seville Airport, even if it is just to connect to Madrid, Barcelona, or anywhere else.