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Trip to Southern Portugal

​May is the perfect month to do some trips to the beach, so here you’ll find the best destinations you can easily reach from Andalusia for a few days trip in the beautiful Southern part of Portugal!

May is the perfect month to do some trips to the beach, so here you’ll find the best destinations you can easily reach from Andalusia for a few days trip in the beautiful Southern part of Portugal!

Algarve is the southern region of Portugal, close to Andalusia and probably the most famous in the country for the seaside and beaches. You can easily reach Algarve by bus, train or a shared car, which in few hours can go from the main Andalusian cities to this destination. The most famous summer destinations of Algarve are Tavira, Albufeira, Faro and Lagos. These destinations are also perfect for a longer road trip and be visited all together in more days, and you could join an organized trip for students.


This is the first destination you meet arriving from Spain. It’s calm and has almost 20 kilometers of white sand coastline: here you can find some of the finest and unspoilt beaches of Portugal, just a short ferry ride from the city center. Also the town is really interesting, and it’s one of the most charming in this region, with the ruins of a castle and a Roman bridge, among the historical attractions. Tavira is the perfect relaxing destination for those who want to enjoy a cheap holiday among beautiful beaches and the sea-side, bars with cheap drinks and restaurants to eat fish.


Albufeira is part of the district of Faro and was originally a fishing village that has lately become a mayor holiday destination able to attract young people with its rocks and sandy beaches and a busy nightlife. Today local people use the town marine to organize boat trips, dolphin-watching and diving for tourists. This town is one of the main destinations in Algarve and here you can find everything you need and want to enjoy your holiday: bars and restaurants are not missing, but here you can especially take some golf and diving courses or going on excursion using the marine facilities. For those who want to see more than the seaside this town also offers a nice center and some historical ruins in the countryside. Albufeira is also famous for its nightlife and the main street known as “The Strip” is crowded with bars, restaurants, shops and other fun venues.. the perfect place to have fun while travellingwith your friends!


Faro is the capital city of Algarve region, and it’s more charmingly Portugese compered to the other touristic towns of the South of Portugal. This city is usually used by people just to pass by without stopping to spend few time in one of the most underrated areas of Algarve: in Faro you can actually find a nice marine, well conserved natural parks and plazas, or visit the historical city center. Few beautiful beaches surround Faro with a very relaxed atmosphere, far from the major tourist developments that you can likelyfind in all the others Algarve towns, such as Albufeira. The best one, also easy to get access to, is called Praia de Faro and it has 5 km of natural coastline.


The last destination we propose you today is Lagos, the largest city in Algarve region. This town offers itself as a touristic destination with seaside, beaches and a quite vibrant nightlife, but it’s also the perfect base for those who want to explore the Western areas of Portugal, getting to reach in less than one hour what was once believed to be “the end of the world”, Cape St. Vincent. The area surrounding Faro is also known for the beautiful cliffs, which are more particular than the sandy beaches you can find elsewhere in the south of Portugal; but of course if you prefer white sandy beaches