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Tips for newcomers

General information

Spanish grading system

The Spanish grading system is a decimal

system that goes from 0 to 10. These

ratings will be accompanied on the lists

of letters no other qualification

numerically. If you want to pass the

subject you need to have 5 or higher

grade. Most courses require a final

written or oral examination to be

approved. If you fail your exam you get

the opportunity to repeat it again in July.


  • 0 to 4.9 - you fail
  • 5.0 to 6.9 -approved
  • 7.0 to 8.9 - good
  • 9.0 to 10 – excellent
  • If you are a student with a highest

    grading you get the honors award. With

    the credit system ECTS student

    outcomes are credited by rating. ECTS

    Grading Table:

    A stands for excellent, outstanding

    performance, with only minor mistakes. B

    stands for very Good results, above

    a v e r a g e , d e s p i t e a n u m b e r o f

    shortcomings. C stands for good job in

    general, although a number of

    Inadequacies. D is satisfying but

    significant shortcomings. E is sufficient

    performance meets the minimum criteria.

    FX is fail, requires work for the granting

    of credit.

    F is Fail that needs considerable further



    The official currency in Spain is the Euro


    The living cost

    The living cost in Granada is 450 to 900

    Euros per month. Monthly (room and

    board), considering that the cost will

    depend of the room and area. So sharing

    a flat for rent costs is about 300 Euros,

    (room only). An indicative list of items

    and prices are:

  • Single ticket for a bus is 1.20€, but if
  • you purchase a CrediBus card from

    the bus driver, a single ticket will cost

    only 79 cents.

  • Movie ticket is usually 7€, but students
  • discounts are common.
  • A beer costs around 0,50-2 €.
  • Tapas from 1€ to 7€, depends on the
  • place.
  • You will need around 200€ for food for
  • a month.
  • A drink in a club is about 4-7€.
  • Club entrance is from 0 to 12€.
  • Bottle of vine cost is 1,30€ - 20€.
  • Telephone numbers

    Police, fire, ambulance station 112.

    Things you need to know

    1. If you are meeting up with a Spanish person the proper way to greet them is with

    two kisses. One on each cheek. So don’t be strange like me and try three kisses

    (what is normal in my country) because they will find it very weird.

    2. The outdoor lifestyle – who doesn’t love eating, drinking, and living outside? Even

    if they live in a recession, food is important here and so they will go out for lunch and

    dinner a lot.

    3. Its important to remember that the eating time in Granada can be different than in

    your country so remember that. Time to go for a lunch is from 13.00 to 16.00 and

    dinner from 21.00 to 12.00

    4. Family life – unlike some other European cultures, Spanish people are very close

    with their relatives and there is a very strong connection to home and family roots.

    Spanish people love to spend time with their loved ones over the weekend and

    visiting their parents, grandparents and siblings, is a number one priority to them.

    5. Many companies have a siesta in the middle of the day, starting at 2pm until 5pm

    (might differ between companies).

    6. Banks are open Monday-Friday 8.30am-2pm, some banks also on Thursdays

    4-7pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.


    7. Post offices are open Monday-Friday 8.30am-9.30pm and Saturday 8.30-2pm.

    Smaller post offices are usually open Monday-Friday 8.30am-2pm.

    8. Restaurants are open during lunch hours 1-4pm, and during the dinner time 8.30

    until midnight or later.

    9. Bigger shops and department store normally don’t have any siesta, while smaller

    shops are closed 2-5pm. They open at 10am and close around 9-10pm.

    10. Do not pop into the bank/gestor’s office/estate agent/post office/mechanic’s

    between 9.30 and 11 in the morning. There will be a queue and one over-worked,

    stressed-out, don’t-you-dare-complain employee will be holding the fort.

    11. Spanish cell phone service is a modern 3G network. We can arrange and have a

    prepaid phone with your “own number”. We set it all up here for you & send you the

    number “before you leave”, so your friends, family can contact you & you can share

    those amazing experiences with them too! The most popular phone card is “Yoigo”.

    You can get it in the phone house stores. It costs 20 euros, but you can use the

    money by calling and messaging. And when you are out of credits you can always

    prepaid it.

    12. Travel by bus, for the most part, is a damn sight cheaper than train and it’s just as

    comfortable too.

    13. The weather depends on the time of the year. Autumn-winter: you should bring

    winter clothes, although there are a lot of sunny days during this period and you can

    enjoy of a mild temperature. Spring – summer: it is advisable to wear light clothes,

    although it can be a bit chilly at night.

    14. Even if the temperature in Granada never drops below zero the heating system in

    Spain its not a central heating system so the flats and houses normally are much

    colder than in the other countries where the weather, especially winter is very cold.

    15. If you go out at night do not enter to the disco before 2-3 am as probably it will be

    empty , all the clubs open around 12.30 at night and Spanish people normally go out

    quite late.

    16. Spanish people normally are always late, so 15 min is OK.

    Granada Climate

    The summer is obviously hot and has a dry air. The winter is not very cold (usually

    around +12 C) but it fells quite freezing in the mornings or at night because of the


    Places to eat

    La cueva de 1900

    The most famous place to try delicious

    tapas with jamón of all types. Suitable for

    both breakfast and dinner. Address: Calle

    Reyes Catolicos 42.

    Calle Navas

    This street is full of the best tapas bars

    with national Spanish cuisine.

    Los Diamantes

    Specialized in seafood and typical

    Spanish dishes id highly advised by

    locals. Address: Calle Navas, 28.

    La Bella y la Bestia

    The chain of tapas bars around the city

    that all the young people like: each drink

    is served with a rich portion of tapas and

    only for 2,40e. Address: Cárcel Baja 14;

    Pasaje Recogidas 1; Carrera del Darro

    37; or El Pescador on Calle Elvira 46.


    A great bar in the area of Plaza de Torros

    where you can choose tapas and have a

    tasty drink. Address: C/Doctor Mesa

    Moles, 2.

    Tomasas Restaurant

    You get a stunning view of the Alhambra

    from this restaurant, thanks to its excellent 

    location. Featuring several

    terraces plus a large interior dining area

    the restaurant has been organised to

    make sure visitors get an unobstructed

    view of the Alhambra.

    Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

    The classical place for students to meet

    and have a tapas snack together. Both

    drinks and «montaditos» (small

    sandwiches) are very cheap, while on

    many days of the week they have special



    Banks are open every morning from

    8.30-14.00 (Monday to Friday).


    Granada offers a great variety of different

    shops right in the historical city centre.

    The best place to do shopping is near the

    streets Gran vía de colón and Calle

    Reyes. You can find shops like Zara,

    Mango, Bershka or Blanco. At plaza

    nueva, la Alcaceria as well as at Albayzin

    you can find Arabic souvenirs. Besides

    that Granada offers also a selection of

    shopping malls:

    The department store el Corte inglés is

    a huge store where you can find

    everything you need like from clothes

    over furniture to groceries. The most

    central and famous one in Granada is

    located at Calle de la Virgin 20-22 and is

    open from 10.00-22.00.

    Address: Carrera del Genil, 20-22,

    Granada, 18009, Andalucia, Spain

    Tel: +34 958 22 3240

    Centro Commercial Neptuno

    A large and impressive indoor centre,

    Centro Comercial Neptuno stands in the

    Figares district of Granada. Offering

    three floors of shopping, with shops

    including fashion boutiques, sports

    stores, jewellers, shoe shops and

    bakers, Centro Comercial Neptuno is

    also home to a number of restaurants

    and cafés in an upper food hall area, a

    popular play area for young children, a

    modern cinema, and a state-of-the-art

    amusement arcade.

    Address: Arabial, Granada, 18003,

    Andalucia, Spain

    Tel: +34 958 520 820


    Small shops in Granada are open from

    Monday to Friday (10.00-13.30;

    1 7 . 0 0 - 2 0 . 0 0 ) a n d o n S a t u r d a y s

    (10.00-13.30). They normally close on

    Sundays. Larger shops and departments

    stores (Alcampo, Corte Inglés, Hipercor,

    Mercadona, Carrefour, etc.) are open all

    day (normally 10.00-22.00), Monday to

    Saturday. Shops don't generally open on

    Sundays although there are some selling

    basic supplies which do on Plaza Nueva.

    The are also very small shops holder by

    Chinese people (so called «los chinos»)

    that are open everyday and almost the

    whole night while located basically on

    every street in Granada.

    Alcampo: is a huge supermarket where

    you can find everything you need for

    your new home, any technical supplies,

    food, etc.

    The main food stores that are located all

    around the city are: Mercadona, Dia,

    Coviran, SuperSol, Dani, Eroski, SPAR.

    The are some bigger ones where you can

    find absolutely anything, especially if you

    have search for gluten-free food or if you

    miss your home products: Carrefour,

    Hipercor, El Corte Ingles, Makro, Aldi,


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